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He treats even the weirdest people he meets on his quest with kindness and frets that his stodginess squashed something adventurous in his wife.
The bun was light, aromatic and lacked the stodginess generally associated with doughy buns.
Still looming as a hurdle to enhanced productivity is the economy's entrenched stodginess and lack of market competitiveness of many Japanese corporations, including the collective corporate reluctance to treat women as potentially equal contributors to the national economy.
I have never liked the stodginess and pretentiousness of some people in some areas of the literary and academic worlds.
Who doesn't roll his eyes and laugh at the stodginess of Archie Bunker, or the studied, stilted erudition of Dr.
Brancy's duet with Papagena (Jacqueline Woodley) towards the end was a bright spot, and their cute choreography was charming and a refreshing respite from the stodginess of the main action.
We may know this intuitively but I believe we sometimes mistake it for some other problem, like stodginess, boring-"ness," or conservatism.
Mailer checked me with the offence, intense stodginess of his
And the resulting dish is a wonderful thing to eat, be it savoury or sweet: a light and "uy cloud of intense "avour, but with a little hint of stodginess to make it more than a cheese-"avoured cloud.
It will be difficult to move academic writing beyond its traditional stodginess.