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To the adult mind "organization" seems to summon visions of rigidity and machine-like operation, with an inescapable deadly routine and stodginess in human affairs.
The stodginess long associated with the church has been gone for years.
He notes the vehicle retains classic E-Class elements such as the upright Mercedes badge, supple ride and ample rear seat, while shedding stodginess with new-age technology like a "drowsiness detector" and headlamps which automatically dim.
In fact, this slim volume reads like two books in one: the first three chapters reconsider and to a substantial degree rehabilitate Ruskin's calcified image as "the prime example of Victorian stodginess and stultifying patriarchy" (2), while the fourth chapter and conclusion discuss the ways in which contemporary theater reenacts such cliches in order to assure its audience of our own more enlightened attitudes on gender and sexuality.
When I first joined Liz Claiborne, I was struck by the stodginess of the Claiborne menswear line and declared that John could be our savior," Gunn says.
The risk and insurance industry has a long-held reputation for stodginess and slow improvement.
Given all the editorializing on the severity of Calvin, the stodginess of Calvin and his followers, the viciousness of the Calvinist movement toward its enemies, the theological support offered by Calvinism to the oppressive establishments--aren't Calvin and Calvinism simply to be avoided?
a little stodginess at the central bank is entirely appropriate" (Blinder, 1998, p.
And with their arrival, the traditional stodginess of golf departed.
If you're tired of the stodginess of the evening newscasts, if you can't bear to sit through the spinmeisters and shills on the 24-hour cable news networks, don't miss The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a nightly half-hour series unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity or even accuracy.
There was something a bit ferocious in his stodginess.
Companies such as General Motors, ridiculed for stodginess and worse in films like Roger and Me and Who Killed the Electric Car?