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herself in the g to But and were So, as it's the lack hours which SAD, make get out the right in but is the move The thing that got to her was a craving for stodgy carbohydrates which led to her putting on two stone.
Those doing so tended to eat far too much stodgy food like rice, the experts said, while missing out on vital nutrients.
Creamy without being stodgy, rich without being sickly, it was definitely my favourite and the youngest Mop loved it, too.
Most wheat-free products are stodgy but we manage to get a lot of air into out bases, which makes them lighter and more like traditional wheat-based pizzas.
Healthy food leaves me cold and I crave the stodgy food I ate as a boy.
I don't make movies for a stodgy 50-year-old who doesn't care.
Pop was stodgy and dying until Malcolm and the punks came along.
Although the language is a trifle stodgy, this is an excellent chunk of Edwardian sci-fi.
FROM stodgy rice pudding to healthy fruit salad - school dinners have changed since Coventry's Lord Mayor Jack Harrison was a boy.
Meanwhile, the stodgy Economist announced it was opening a scary financial theme park, Econoland.