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It is reminiscent of the work of Raymond Briggs in its portrayal of a stoical, vulnerable man just carrying on, in its perfect match of story and illustration and in its use of a sad, witty and revealing interior monologue.
I'm not sure Zen is quite right, but I'm a pretty stoical guy.
Hillsborough families themselves were stoical in their acceptance of what had happened, believing they had waited so long to reach this stage that another inconvenient delay could not derail their attempts to root out the truth.
In sombre scenes, the legions of mourners comforted each other, some wiping away tears but most remaining calm and stoical.
Charlene does a stoical job of physically fighting those stoical Amazonian sisters on the veranda of her house.
I know that family squabbles and friendship problems are uncomfortable and can get you down, but if your man is a stoical type, those platitudes are probably the best he can muster given that quarrels and disappointments come and go.
FULHAM 0 EVERTON 0 DAVID Moyes remained stoical after Everton sank to the foot of the Premier League after a goalless draw with Fulham.
The friend's arrival from the Philippines and the fact that he can't--or won't--get a job sets events in motion that prove that our stoic isn't very stoical at all.
But expats working in the Gulf have a stoical attitude and whilst the survey indicates that they are spending less on their lifestyles, they still have a healthy appetite to plan for the future.
Both junior leads have confidence beyond their tender years, with Darcy injecting humour and feeling into the role of stoical young Benny, and Broadhurst giving a sturdy singing performance.
In his new group of paintings called "Cloud Music," a name more commonly associated with New Age meditation music, Willems's fascination with toppling towers and prehistoric scenes derives from the stoical presumption that somehow man stands above the decay and ruin of his time, even though, much like the ill-fated dinosaur, we are fast on the way to becoming a dying breed ourselves.
"He was aware of the serious nature of his final illness but, according to a friend, took it in stoical fashion that was typical of the man," the statement on the website said.