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In his new group of paintings called "Cloud Music," a name more commonly associated with New Age meditation music, Willems's fascination with toppling towers and prehistoric scenes derives from the stoical presumption that somehow man stands above the decay and ruin of his time, even though, much like the ill-fated dinosaur, we are fast on the way to becoming a dying breed ourselves.
He was aware of the serious nature of his final illness but, according to a friend, took it in stoical fashion that was typical of the man," the statement on the website said.
To the Editor: J is a 29-year-old rural Zulu man, tall and muscular, intelligent and stoical.
But those moments of emotion, so endearing in tough, stoical men, are not appreciated in women, no matter how tough and stoical they may be otherwise.
His many fans will not be disappointed by "Thrill of a Romance," with its stoical whimsy, or by the Stevensian closing poem, "Singalong.
Tesco has been stoical to the last in the face of opposition to its expansion plans in the UK.
Kitchen, the epitome of the professional dramatic British narrator, brings the emotional conflict of the stoical Scobie to life.
Cavendish's interest lies in the responses war evokes in women, and so she surveys wives' reactions to their husbands' departure for battle, from Lady Passionate's emotional displays to Madam Jantil's stoical acceptance.
We could have done without the African music and stoical stereotypes every time some patient died.
Psychologically, it was a harrowing experience (although I tried my best to be stoical about it).
The result of this stoical acceptance is that Swedes welcome new ideas.
However, all is not bleak and stoical in the vernacular, as Brown's character Slim Greer demonstrates.