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But the Seagulls defended stoically to hold on for a vital three points in their promotion quest.
The French countryside, although showing modernization, is still a look back through history to hundreds of years ago where many of the buildings and objects of the medieval period still stand stoically, relics of an elder era.
At the beginning of the film a Jamaican television host says, "I would like you to meet a genius" and even when Perry is dancing around in his yard or being interviewed stoically on a stool, hair and beard bright red, you think about the records he made and how, yeah, he really is a genius.
Jessica Alba stoically worked the red carpet when she arrived at the premiere of "The Eye" with fiance Cash Warren on Thursday night.
Written by Christel Fiore, a German child who lived through World War II prior to her marriage to a serviceman and immigration to America, Child of War is a firsthand accounting of memories--memories of chronic food shortages that nearly led to the author's starvation, memories of a stoically dysfunctional and patriarchal family that made decisions about her life without consulting her, memories of her own shortsightedness, illogic, and thoughtless cruelty, and memories of the sister whose struggle to survive was even more difficult.
What about the years of silent anguish and loneliness Alma [his wife] stoically endures for the sake of keeping her family together, or the terrible betrayal, suffering and tears of the children bereft of a father?
The proceedings have a discernible gravity: One woman's mouth is open in a yell while her associates stand by stoically.
But oaks stand rigid in defiance of the gales and stoically endure heavy armors of ice and mantles of snow with nary a drop of live twig.
Alex stoically defends her beloved teacher though she begins to wonder about the nature of her own relationship with him.
a block away) the police simply whispered into their walkie-talkies and stoically escorted us, diverting traffic as necessary.
She tells her story stoically, without elaboration, and we are left to sketch in the inevitable results of her attempt to make a livelihood in the midst of such grinding poverty.
Native Venetians, who have had their fill of tired and emotional visitors (from the Queen of Cyprus and Napoleon to Byron swimming in the Grand Canal), remain admirably unmoved by such brushes with celebrity, stoically wrapping binliners around their feet to wade through the equinoxal acqua alta in St Mark's Square.