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He met the death he deserved, and he met it with the stoicism of the Arab.
To Ethan there was something vaguely ominous in this stolid rejection of free food and warmth, and he wondered what had happened on the drive to nerve Jotham to such stoicism. Perhaps Zeena had failed to see the new doctor or had not liked his counsels: Ethan knew that in such cases the first person she met was likely to be held responsible for her grievance.
With the stoicism of the brutes who had raised him he endured his suffering quietly, preferring to crawl away from the others and lie huddled in some clump of tall grasses rather than to show his misery before their eyes.
A warmly administered prod broke through her stoicism and started her tottering along.
Had affection, goodness, modesty, real talent, ever employed those bright orbs as interpreters, I do not think I could have refrained from giving a kind and encouraging, perhaps an ardent reply now and then; but as it was, I found pleasure in answering the glance of vanity with the gaze of stoicism. Youthful, fair, brilliant, as were many of my pupils, I can truly say that in me they never saw any other bearing than such as an austere, though just guardian, might have observed towards them.
"No!" he cried at last, with the stoicism of a Roman of old, "it would be a weakness, it would be a folly, it would be a meanness!
With bravery, self-belief, stoicism, and downright stubbornness, we can all achieve results we may never have expected.
In the previous issue of Reason Papers, we featured a symposium on reconsidering the ancient ethical tradition of Stoicism: In what ways is Stoicism still relevant and important in today's world?
Although most of us have been Labour supporters over many years, I have been surprised to find that during a recent discussion about the protracted negotiations involving our Prime Minister and the EU, we all agreed that Theresa May is showing immense determination and stoicism despite the failure of some of her Conservative parliamentary colleagues to give her their full support.
Lorca argues that Don Quijote transgresses every precept of stoicism. When he is upset, the knight errant is unable to control his anger.
The trophy, indelibly associated with the Canavans, is a testament to their stoicism.
Long -- one of the world's leading authorities on Stoicism and a pioneer in its remarkable contemporary revival -- provides a superb new edition of Epictetus's celebrated guide to the Stoic philosophy of life (the Encheiridion) along with a selection of related reflections in his Discourses.