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Jessica stole hearts amid repeated appeals for the mum to come forward after the hours-old newborn was left at a hospital after they arrived in the middle of the night.
Freya was one of 10 children handpicked to benefit from the campaign in 2017 and stole hearts after her amazing story was shared.
Tunisian heart-throb Dhafer L'Abidine, who stole hearts last year in Halawat Al Doniya as the cancer survivor Selim, who in love with fellow patient Amina (Hend Sabry), will return for another romantic drama.
span xml:lang="EN-GBFirst, Nairobi Half Life, that led to most people's formal introduction to Maina Olwenya, a convincingly thuggish yet winning personality who stole hearts and handbags on screen.span xml:lang="EN-GBThe not-too-new story of a Nairobi underbelly was visceral because it was true, and touching because we had never seen it like this before.