stolen articles

See: plunder
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To the cooks and boats'-crews of every vessel that had dropped anchor off Berande in the past several years were ascribed the arrival of scores of the stolen articles and of the major portion of the ammunition.
Later, police managed to arrest the accused and recovered stolen articles from his possession, it added.
The stolen articles have been handed over to the victims, he added.
Ijaz and Faizullah and recovered stolen articles worth million of rupees from them.
Photos of encountered subjects are also included where made available by the States as well as search results of stolen articles, boats, weapons, vehicles, and vehicles license plates.
HAFIZABAD -- The District Police conducted 49 Search and targeted operations in the district during the last one month and apprehended 482 suspects including 153 Proclaimed Offenders and seized stolen articles worth Rs.
One of the allegedly stolen articles that the victim highlights in her complaint were papers pertaining to a land in Nainital she owns.
The stolen articles included a variety of mobile phones, laptops and cash.
Engrave electronics--Engrave electronic items such as computers, televisions and portable devices like iPods with your name or other identifying information that can help police track the stolen articles.
Driving the commune's only car and planning on supporting herself by selling jewelry made from stolen articles, Ella takes the girls to San Francisco where she reconnects with Judy who lives in the now-abandoned home that commune members once occupied.
Please return all of the stolen articles,'' Thomas wrote on Twitter.
ASI Sikandar Hayat from Margalla police station arrested accused Baqir Ali and recovered stolen articles from him.