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The Stolen Heart is an updated version of Cullen's last large-scale puppet show for the college called Unreasonable Behaviour, which was staged five years ago.
And as chairman of the Stolen Hearts Support Group for parents in Birmingham, he is constantly reminded of the trauma.
Medics admitted families may not have realised hearts were being kept for research but all had signed post-mortem forms allowing "tissue research" Matt Redmond, aged 74, from Acocks Green, chairman of support group Stolen Hearts, who found out 42 body parts were removed from his six-year-old daughter Karen after she died in 1966, said he was "concerned" if proper procedures were not being followed at the hospital.
Dubliner and former Birmingham city councillor Matt Redmond is chairman of the Stolen Hearts, a group that supports parents whose children's organs were stolen by medics for research.
Following stolen hearts inquiries at hospitals in Bristol and Liverpool, such incidents would be no longer seen as scandalous but instead as 'routine' research although this could be open to abuse under the suggested scheme.
Now Matt Redmond, chairman of the Birmingham-based Stolen Hearts Support Group, has revealed plans for a new artwork in memory of the tragic children.
Matt Redmond, chairman of the Stolen Hearts Support Group, said that so many of his six-year-old daughter Karen's organs were taken in 1965 that he buried just a "shell".
In addition, he and his wife, Joan, have written a compelling novel that deals with stolen hearts for transplant.
The Latvian National Ballet may well have stolen hearts with its Coppelia earlier in the week but the best they were ever likely to achieve with this offering is a "could do better".
Mr Redmond, 63, who was a member of Birmingham's City Council for 17 years, founded the support group Stolen Hearts Bereaved Parents Group when he learned of the 'horrifying thefts' at the hospital which included the heart of his own daughter.
Matt Redmond, chairman of the Stolen Hearts support group for parents, said: "It has been a horrifying experience for parents, which is breaking up some marriages.