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Well, it's a most remarkable thing - most remarkable," answered the stolid stranger, laughing; "because, as a matter of fact, you are quite right.
And forthwith he employed himself on the stolid countenance of one of his wooden progeny, and completed it in his own mechanical style, from which he was never known afterwards to deviate.
Ariel entered the room--in stolid silence, as usual.
And Billy belonged here, by elemental right, a part of them and of it, a master-part and a component, along with the spidery-delicate, narrow-boxed, wide- and yellow-wheeled, rubber-tired rig, efficient and capable, as different as he was different from the other man who had taken her out behind stolid, lumubering horses.
Then, too, the police service is too stolid, too inaccessible.
Just such a thought on similarly stimulating nights had animated men of his acquaintance thirty years ago, men who were as elderly and stolid and unadventurous now as Mr Pickering had been then.
Then she sat swaying her body to and fro, and making gestures with her unnerved arm, which seemed intended as the accompaniment to a fit of laughter, though her face was stolid and drowsy.
Miss Brentwood thinks I am as mild as a kitten and as good-natured and stolid as the family cow.
With a heavy dropping at the corners of his mouth, with a stolid indifference staring dull in his eyes, there he sat, a man forearmed, in his own obstinate neutrality, against all temptation to engage in the conflict of opinions that was to come.
His irritation had had time to subside; the stolid indifference had got possession of him again.
It tracks the life of the queen before she became this stolid, regal, quietly fierce individual.
Stolid and regal they stand against the sky, of such a size that they can catch entire countryside in their shadow and turn back the ravages of storms against their unflinching sides.