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But he was quite nonplussed when the Kafir, who had sat stolidly watching the operation, asked him to put on another, saying that a "white one" would do at a pinch.
And his attention was constantly wandering: there were fruit trees trained on the walls of the vicarage, and a long twig beat now and then against the windowpane; sheep grazed stolidly in the field beyond the garden.
His eyes sought Trent's, but Trent was smoking stolidly and looking at the cards spread out before him, as a chess-player at his pieces.
The commissionaire stood stolidly in his place, raising every now and then his cab whistle to his lips.
Nichols commenced stolidly to furl his sails again.
Daylight was all innocence as he asked the question, and Ladue received the question as stolidly as an Indian.
I need the money to-day," Martin answered stolidly.
And the man was uninterested, pulling stolidly away at his pipe, in the darkness following upon the third match.
I threatened them with the revolver, but they sat stolidly in the flooded cabin and on the roof and would not move.
Ross affirmed, proceeding stolidly with the knitting of the woollen singlet on her knees--one of the countless under-garments that she interminably knitted for her skipper sons.
Grey Beaver looked on stolidly while the white man wielded the whip.
A stout gentleman, with pompous and philanthropic whiskers, went stolidly by, the broad of his back sneering at the girl.