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Stolidly submissive to the question, as she had been stolidly submissive to the fire, Hester Dethridge wrote her reply.
A stout gentleman, with pompous and philanthropic whiskers, went stolidly by, the broad of his back sneering at the girl.
(which was at every replenishment), Mr Flintwinch stolidly did his part of the clinking, and would have stolidly done his companion's part of the wine as well as his own: being, except in the article of palate, a mere cask.
Beside the drug clerk she walked in silence, but sometimes in the darkness as they went stolidly along she put out her hand and touched softly the folds of his coat.
Aroa waited stolidly. A leaping fish splashed far out on the water.
I threatened them with the revolver, but they sat stolidly in the flooded cabin and on the roof and would not move.
Grey Beaver looked on stolidly while the white man wielded the whip.
"Here is flint and steel," said John stolidly. "The lamp, Aylward!
I am planted too solidly and stolidly upon the earth."
He adds, aACoeThe book shows love can come in so many shades, the very wildly romantic, the taboo, the crazy, the besotted and the stolidly practical.
The Buddhistic calm, or rather I should say apathy, rests on their huge faces, which have looked stolidly on many a change in Korea..."
Matthew Sturgis hasn't the style of a great storyteller -- the tone of this new biography is stolidly impersonal -- but he is a tremendous orchestrator of material, fastidious, unhurried, indefatigable.