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In order to ensure that the surgical template would fit well with the patient's teeth and soft tissue (mucosa), a maxilla impression was taken to make a stone cast (Figure 3(a)).
Stone cast Hopkins after seeing his performance in The Remains Of The Day.
Other models David has made include a haunted house, the Titanic, the Empire State Building and stone cast chess sets, which he made for himself and his son Chris, 40.
"Each young person we invest in is a bit like a stone cast into the water," he says.
Make a clear template of the stone cast using a 0.3-mm thermoplastic sheet (Fig:1).
Boxing the impression is the best way to insure the peripheral border of the impression is preserved as well as controlling the flow of stone and the thickness and density of the stone cast. Traditionally there have been two methods used: the wax bead box and pour process and the plaster-pumice matrix.
Mike Shaw netted a 12lb rainbow and added three more for a total catch of 33lb; Tony Miller returned a double figure brown trout and retained a brace of near 7lb rainbows and when Sam Stone cast a mini cat's whisker lure it was taken by a 10.5lb rainbow.