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When the book comes full circle at the end, only the stoniest of hearts won't feel the young protagonist's pain.
Bird alleges: 'Whilst Grainger was alive the world was silent about his innovations, and the stoniest of silences came from the English Folk-Song Society [sic], its heirs and disciples.
The effects were state-of-the-art, the direction was spot-on and Schwarzenegger actually manages to draw a tear from all but the stoniest of viewers.
4MgC/ha, the stoniest soils having lowest SOC stocks (Table 2, Figs 5 and 6).
Although credited as written by Jobson, the script is based on extensive interviews with real soldiers, and only the stoniest heart could fail to sympathize with the physical and psychological pain recounted here.
IT'S a picture that could melt the stoniest of hearts.
Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will cause an enormous softening in even the stoniest of hearts, a spirit of peace and brotherhood will reign everywhere in the world and people will attain peace, justice and security.
The team now has expertise in each area with Vroman and Freije providing sound defensive cover, while Ali Mahmoud's dynamism cuts through the stoniest of defenses.
ONLY the stoniest heart would remain unmoved by the plight of soldier Tyler Christopher.
With Aidan Turner taking the role of the playboy Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the rebellious youths will be sure to wield their boyish charm over even the stoniest of female viewers.
Overwrought and overblown - and some will want to throw Celine Dion overboard after hearing it - but this theme from the movie Titanic can still bring a lump to the throat of those with even the stoniest of hearts.