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But her women are stonily apolitical and intellectually disengaged.
What I've learned is I might say something in an interview with a smile on my face, on the spur of the moment, and it reads like I said it really stonily, like affects a grandiose accent 'marriage is a completely ridiculous concept' when really I was just being flippant," he says.
Limited mobility is actually going to suit Frank, she things, he's been minimizing all his movements for years, barely turning his head to her when she speaks, sitting there stonily in the kitchen, immovable as a mountain.
Gantumur stared stonily ahead throughout the hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, speaking only to give his name and age.
Men stood in groups, staring stonily at the bullet pocked streets.
Lady Godiva stared stonily down as the groups of Asians and skinheads faced each other, separated by a thin blue line of police in Coventry city centre.
Then, questioned about how he felt he played, he just remained stonily silent.
Immediately following this sentence, the TV cameras panned to a long-range shot that showed virtually everyone on the Republican side of the aisle rising to their feet to applaud, while most of the Democrats sat stonily silent.
Unwilling to delay his pursuit of Moby Dick, Ahab stonily responds, "Captain Gardiner, I will not do it.