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His Grace sat very stern and upright in his chair and looked stonily at my friend.
This established the opera's overall themes, while also providing Charlotte's motivation for remaining stonily resistant to Werther's ardent declarations of love.
Peter scours his appointment book and finds that his current patients are all dead, after which the train next to his office comes to a stop and he finds himself looking out at all of them, stonily staring back through the carriage window.
For a moment, while his luncheon guests puzzled on what was happening, he was stonily silent.
But mostly, Republican members were stonily silent.
But, any fears the director's poetically severe style might be mitigated by the tony demands of traditionally rooted prestige cinema are allayed in the opening reel, as a stark, stonily beautiful shot of an infant's funeral segues into a combat sequence of bruising, heightened viciousness.
Last month, the head of the Constitutional Court denounced "excessive" political criticism of his tribunal in a speech attended by Erdogan, who remained stonily silent during the ceremony.
The House speaker, John Boehner, who sat stonily through most of Obama's speech, applauded that line.
He had been President of the Economic Society in the stonily seventies when economic controversies about stagflation and fighting inflation first raged.
LUCILLA has meanwhile stood stonily gazing straight in front of her.
It also is possible the child stonily will resolve to do whatever is the opposite and inadvertently toss away any possible good lessons fore that particular teacher.