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But as Schoenfeldt points out, the ideal of cold stoniness makes sense within a neo-Stoic physiological regime that is suspicious of overheated bodily states, especially those prompted by the fires of sexual desire and syphilitic infection to which the later sonnets allude: "far from indicating an inhuman dispassion, the coldness the sonnet counsels represents the victory of an unruffled reason over insurrectionary desire" (88).
The moral aspect of this refusal is a kind of spiritual imperviousness, "the hard quality of not-being-able-to-receive; a stoniness of heart that will not brook any resistance" In the end, it is like Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking Glass:
Their very stoniness is brought out by the pronounced chisel marks on their surfaces, by the rock-like shapes of their heads (which resemble the stones being hurled by the Lapiths) and by the manner in which they are still one with the stone from which they emerge [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].
3), low surface stoniness, high permeability and a subsurface horizon (40-80 cm) with the typical characteristics of agricultural land, showing subsurface compaction due to the intensive use of farm machinery (Table 1) (Casermeiro et al.
The main environmental problems of the cooperative are related to the contamination of groundwater by dumping of pig manure and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers , salinization of soil and water by inappropriate agricultural practices (product to salt instruction given overexploitation of the aquifer ) and stoniness and low soil fertility , so it is proposed to work on this project in the areas of agriculture, food security and health.
Distinct stoniness sets off intense, textural peach skin and bright lemon blossom flavors.