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Stormtroopers, Iron Man and Captain America stood guard at the funeral of a six-year-old boy who died in a pellet gun accident in East Yorkshire, England.
Inside the court complex, armed officers wearing dark glasses, black uniforms and carrying Heckler and Koch machine guns stood guard.
Police also stood guard outside a semi-detached red-brick property at Cornel Close which neighbours claimed was home to a Pakistani family named Hussain.
A DELEGATION of ex-servicemen from Coventry stood guard at the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.
Neighbours today woke to find the area cordoned off with police tape, as officers stood guard to protect the crime scene.
Police cordoned off the scene and two officers stood guard as they investigated the attack.
2 : the act or duty of keeping watch <Two policemen stood guard outside the building.>
Stood guard over duffel bags stuffed with cocaine as they arrived at a suburban airport in Illinois
A LOYAL dog stood guard over its owner for almost six weeks after he killed himself.
Indian officials said quick-reaction police teams, armed with light machine guns, stood guard at various airports and plainclothes police were mingling with passengers to check for suspicious characters.
As the noise of the karts could be clearly heard, the protesters, from 26 surrounding villages, chanted outside the club, where police stood guard at the entrance.
Earlier yesterday several officers stood guard outside a semi-detached property in a quiet, residential Bexley street as forensic officers scoured the top floor flat.