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Inside the court complex, armed officers wearing dark glasses, black uniforms and carrying Heckler and Koch machine guns stood guard.
Police also stood guard outside a semi-detached red-brick property at Cornel Close which neighbours claimed was home to a Pakistani family named Hussain.
Officers stood guard at the front and back of properties, while children played in the street before going to school.
Troops armed with automatic weapons have stood guard over their rehearsals.
Protests were reported in two other Chinese cities but police in Beijing stood guard on Tiananmen Square to block a planned demonstration in the heart of the capital.
Shit Face and Dick Eye (both 2002), a couple of mutilated pirate busts cast in black and red silicon rubber, stood guard at the gallery entrance.
Police stood guard at heartbroken Ernie's house as a huge hunt continued for the boy.
In her application to Pirmahal police, the complainant stated that the suspect forced his way into her house while his two accomplices stood guard outside.
The soliders also stood guard during Tropical Storm Irene last year, and even though they were told they could seek shelter, they refused to to, (http://www.
Police officers also stood guard outside a house in Caldercliffe Road, Berry Brow, where the arrests were made.
A police officer stood guard at the pub during the night.