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The zeal with which Potunuri Thirumala Rao has stood sentry at the Indian goalpost, in the ongoing Champions Trophy, it is hard to believe that he is not among the " youngsters" who are scripting a turnaround for Indian hockey in Melbourne.
Two men stood sentry outside, automatic weapons in their hands.
A PCSO was stood sentry on the gates to the property which were themselves behind police tape.
As two soldiers stood sentry in full ceremonial dress at the entrance of a gymnasium, an assembled mass of soldiers dressed as women, miners, and Welsh celebrities were joined by women, a German tank crew (complete with tank), horses and dogs, and families showed off the results of their day's work to commanding officer Lt Col Richmond.
Though several Warwickshire Police officers stood sentry by all the field's gates yesterday, it appears there was no police activity within the suspected crime scene.