stool pigeon

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remarks: "Stool Pigeon's final prayers over this grave of the black cat--the metonymic resting place of Aunt Ester, the cultural repository for African American history--are like Berniece's piano playing [in The Piano Lesson], 'both a commandment and a plea' to a God with whom he shares a personal connection" (2004, 213).
a typical Welsh underfed type, very short, boney face, ill-shaped ears, disproportionately small for size of man, shifty, look.' The luckless spy spent most of the war in prisons and internment camps eking out a living as a stool pigeon.
Hill, who remains on aMafiahitlist more than two decades after turning `` stool pigeon'', was forced to enter the Federal witness protection programme and take on a new identity.
HENRY HILL, the mobster turned stool pigeon so memorably played by Ray Liotta in the film Goodfellas, still lives in fear of Mafia reprisals.
What separates a western scrub jay from a stool pigeon? The former knows how to keep its secrets&emdash;especially if it's a jay with a criminal history.
Although if you're expecting Kid Creole's hits such as Stool Pigeon, I'm A Wonderful Thing or Annie I'm Not Your Daddy, you'll be disappointed.
Flocks would see the stool pigeon flapping around and go to investigate.
Another television teenager, Meadow Soprano, was lucky: Her dad dropped her off at Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby because he had to track down and murder a stool pigeon. Even if your parents are not similarly occupied, separate anyway during campus visits, and compare notes later.
(3) From at least 1919, when he was a Socialist Party militant, until a definite cutoff date in 1930, Silone was an industrious and willing stool pigeon for the authorities, and consciously sent many Socialist and Communist workers to their death or to vile treatment and incarceration.
Find me a government official with more than a handful of payrollers in his department, and I'll find you a stool pigeon, an informant who at some time in his career wants to get even with his boss.
Despite his 47 years, August is still very much the dashing Calypso king who soared up the charts with the likes of Stool Pigeon and I'm A Wonderful Thing Baby.
In short, the Hudson casino contract was a throwback to the bad old days of indian gaming, when mafia stool pigeon Stewart Siegel testified before Congress with a hood over his head about widespread mob influence in indian casinos.