stop payment

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Guingona further pointed to documents filed by the Anti-Money Laundering Council with the courts noting that RCBC responded to the Bangladesh Bank's stop payment request at 7:45 p.
If you have funds in trust that are subject to a garnishment and you have written a check and you are aware the check has not cleared, you must take steps to stop payment on it [when the writ is received]," Silverstein said.
I arranged for a stop payment on the employee's paycheck, but I haven't yet issued a new check to him with a deduction for the $50 loan repayment.
Director June Snow said Fox did not have the right to stop payment on the check.
Accordingly--said Justice Barbara Pariente writing for the unanimous court in upholding a Second District Court of Appeal decision--pursuant to the provisions of the garnishment statute, the attorney in those circumstances has an obligation to inquire of the bank as to the status of the funds in his or her trust account and to issue a stop payment order if he or she has the ability to do so.