stop payment

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The Bangladesh central bank document also sheds light on how banks responded to the "stop payment" SWIFT messages that Bangladesh Bank sent on Feb.
Consider, how could a bank even claim "good faith" after receiving the initial stop payment order?
The "stop payment" fee is considered a business-related expense.
Albin wrote that federally insured credit unions should retain a stop payment order as an electronic record in accordance with its record retention policy.
Stop payments, overdrafts, wire transfers--each carries a fee.
DADU -- The Supreme Court-appointed commission on drinking water and drainage in Sindh on Saturday took notice of inordinate delay in completion of a water supply scheme at Machhi Mori and directed departments concerned to stop payment to a contractor of an under-construction drainage scheme.
She had testified before a Senate inquiry that the $81 million had been withdrawn when she received a stop payment order from the bank's headquarters.
BARA -- Political administration of Khyber Agency has directed to stop payment to all polio technicians and health workers for ruling out to take in the recently ended polio vaccination campaign in Khyber.
THE Supreme Court has stressed that a person facing prosecution in cheque bounce cases following a stop payment instruction can avoid trial by proving that the instruction was issued for a valid reason including non existence of any debt and that the dishonour of the cheque was not due to insufficient funds.
They have the power to stop payment of all or part of Harrison's purse if they decide the 2000 TURN TO PAGE 61
A Bar Board of Governors committee is concerned that Florida lawyers aren't sufficiently aware of a recent Supreme Court ruling that they must issue stop payment orders on checks issued from their trust accounts if they are served with writs of garnishment seeking that money.
Once I explained the situation to her she gave me permission to stop payment on the paycheck we'd given him and to reissue a new paycheck less the $50 he owes the company.