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Residents have been saying they are one of the only areas of Coventry that doesn't have a stop-off in Pool Meadow and we were promised it would go back.
It also provides you with GPS voice guided navigation to help you find your way to your next stop-off.
New customers now appear at the stop-off points each day, said Ford.
DUBLIN yesterday made a very special stop-off ahead of their official civic reception.
TOWN are keen to make Canalside an essential stop-off en route to home matches.
Visitors have been given a warm welcome at the city's TIC since the 1970s, in the Town Hall, through other stop-off points in the Market Place and now firmly established in the Gala Theatre building.
n Now a popular stop-off point for sailing crews, the village is also home to international watersports centre Plas Menai
The incident happened during a refuelling stop-off on the Phuket Air flight from Bangkok to London's Gatwick Airport.
The visit followed a stop-off at W&DB's Burton brewery where Pedigree is made.
Swansea City and County Council hopes the stop-off of the Sea Cloud II could herald further lucrative stops by cruise ships in the city.
VALENCIA - A Syrian Orthodox bishop who runs a private church school in Navi Mumbai, Santa Clarita's sister city in India, will visit Wednesday as a stop-off on his 90-day world tour.
The crowds thronged the headland at Duncannon and Hook Head in Co Wexford as the 2011 Tall Ships Race hit the high seas again after a weekend stop-off in Wexford.