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Last year, the then government of the Democratic Party of Japan compiled a stopgap budget for fiscal 2012 worth 3.
But a stopgap deal is a bad idea for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its potential for causing frightened investors to demand higher interest rates on their Treasury bills and raising the government's borrowing costs.
In addition to LEAP, the previous stopgap bill also eliminated the $3 million Thurgood Marshall Legal Educational Opportunity Program, which provides information, preparation and financial assistance to help low-income, minority students pursue law careers.
On Monday the Republican chief of the the House Appropriations Committee introduced a one-week budget stopgap funding measure.
Republicans want to slash a whopping $60 billion or more from department budgets over the coming months as a down payment on larger cuts later in the year, but are settling for just $4 billion in easy cuts as the price for the two-week stopgap bill.
Ball's Stopgap F76, a one-coat epoxy resin waterproof surface membrane was applied to suppress excess moisture.
It is unclear if even a stopgap authorization vote will come up before the Jan.
StopGAP is a contemporary dance company consisting of dancers with physical and learning disabilities and non-disabled dancers.
The nation's local leaders applaud today's action by the House of Representatives to provide stopgap funding for government operations," he said.
Since they did not get the stopgap help, these states are now facing even bigger funding gaps than had been projected, according to the CBPP analysis.
The new line--Ski Up & Go, which is set to reach UK stores later this month--follows in the footsteps of a Stopgap product Nestle launched 18 months ago in smaller outlets but discontinued six months later.