stoppage of work

See: lockout
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Civil Servants from more than 40 of Hong Kong's various departments and bureaus have sent an open letter to the Hong Kong government threatening that "industrial action" (a strike or stoppage of work) will occur if the demands of protestors are not given proper attention.
To note, Article 128 of the Labor Code provides that "the Secretary of Labor may likewise order stoppage of work or suspension of operations of any unit or department of an establishment when non-compliance with the law or implementing rules and regulation poses a grave and imminent danger to the health and safety of workers in the workplace.
He called for reconsidering the blocking of streets and assaults on ambulance vehicles because they carry patients, adding that internationally ambulances have protection and that health is a humanitarian activity that does not bear strike or stoppage of work.
Stoppage of work on CPEC projects would be unfortunate as these were well considered projects meant for acceleration of socio-economic uplift of the people and different regions of the country.
The residents of Swat showed concerns over stoppage of work on the project.
A day's stoppage of work saw half a dozen ships being stuck at the Haldia docks, located 130 km from the city.
Meanwhile, the stoppage of work will add further delays to the revolutionary project meant for developing South Punjab, especially Rahim Yar Khan.
"In most places there was an absolute stoppage of work. Shortly after the dinner-hour shops were closed - the staff would not brook restraint, and the employers readily relaxed rules and regulations.
Summary: The stoppage of work was supported by the ruling and the opposition fronts
The abandonment of the road by the Chinese expatriates and the subsequent stoppage of work most probably contributed to its poor state.
It was also stressed that the delay in the payment of funds due to Turkmengas SC, which operated on the principles of self-sufficiency and self-financing, could lead to a technical stoppage of work on gas wells, compressor stations, treatment plants and other elements of the gas system of Turkmenistan, through which natural gas was supplied to Iran.
As per details, the accused Imtiaz Inayat Elahi and Saeed-Ur-Rehman dishonestly ordered stoppage of work of