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Eight percent of those who stopped hormone therapy said they were considering taking it again, while 15 percent said they were investigating alternative options.
that wise man is said to have stopped his ears with pitch, lest he, drawn by the sweetness of their singing, should throw himself overboard.
I'd been stopped before and would always tell them I'd sue, and they'd always laugh and yell back, |Good luck: You'll need a lot of money'"
1 contender, had tried to lure Lewis into the ring for more than a year and was beating him before the fight was stopped even though he was certain he could go on.
The officer stopped the vehicle and had the driver get out and place his hands on the trunk.
During training, many police officers learn that they should carefully approach a stopped vehicle on the driver's side, paying attention to the trunk and occupant areas, while keeping the occupants inside.
It burst through a fence and stopped 30 feet short of the pumps at a gas station on Hollywood Way.
Sometimes, these signs are legitimate, and travelers find themselves briefly stopped at roadblocks while drug dogs are used to detect the odor of any controlled substances that may be emanating from the vehicles.
The Amtrak buses previously stopped near a hotel and fast-food restaurant off the Golden State Freeway, Sanders said.
Dotson,(10) a police officer who was assisting an Internal Revenue Service Agent in a suspected money laundering case stopped the suspect in a vehicle.
SUN VALLEY - An 83-year-old man was shot by police when he aimed a gun at officers who stopped him for speeding and were going to have his car towed because he is unlicensed, officials said Thursday.
In September of 1992, Winfred Maxwell, a retired New York City police officer attempting to visit his daughter who lived in the Soundview neighborhood, was stopped at the Watson Avenue checkpoint and asked for identification.