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This practice should be stopped dead now by the Welsh Government.
CASCAIS: Having lead the fleet for most of the day, Musandam-Oman Sail hit the ridge of light breeze lying on the approach to Cascais and stopped dead in their tracks knowing that whoever in the fleet of MOD 70s picked up the new breeze beyond the ridge would most likely win the 975 nm leg from Dun Laoghaire.
For each of them, the clock will always be stopped dead at just six minutes after three: For Liverpool can never say Goodbye - without the Truth and Justice she still awaits.
Mr Morgan, who works as a customer adviser with the Bank of Scotland and is originally from Wales, said: "When I read the numbers I stopped dead in my tracks, turned on my heels and ran back into the house to ask Graham to double check them.
But he was nearly stopped dead in his tracks, literally, when he was knocked off his bike in an accident that nearly claimed his life.
The RedHead Bag Targets also feature a waterproof liner and a floating center so arrows are stopped dead for easy removal.
It almost stopped dead and it turned back because he was obviously trying to get back to the airfield.
Another fails and another until your vehicle is stopped dead in its tracks.
A couple of weeks later at Southwell, over the same trip but with a different jockey, I told him Paul Eddery that he could use the whip, and she stopped dead.
Brakes and steering are left unaffected, but the car is stopped dead in its tracks.
Mr Shipside said: "Activity in the property market virtually stopped dead after two successive rate rises in 2004 and took a year to recover.
I ponder the odd cruelty of white phosphorous ordnance--virtually inextinguishable, it will burn to the bone of any man, woman, or child it falls upon--but I am stopped dead by the documentary's lead images.