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Under a $22,300 funding injection, Crime Stoppers will:
and the New York City Police Foundation today announced a collaboration through the foundation's Crime Stoppers program that will, for the first time ever, allow the public to easily and anonymously provide information about animal cruelty crimes in the five boroughs.
If you have information about this crime, call or text Crime Stoppers at (519) 750-TIPS (8477).
Hype Group began concept and development for the new campaign after being the first creative agency ever selected to work with Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay since its inception in 1988.
More recently, new lyophilization projects have been launched thanks to excellent results regarding cake quality, and the absence of both vial breakage and stoppers sticking to shelves.
Crime Stoppers International (CSI) in conjunction with its affiliated Crime Stoppers programs is supporting INTERPOL in a global fugitive hunt, called Operation INFRA.
Weldwide Solutions introduces a range of mechanical and inflatable stoppers for customers who need a cost effective plug to seal adequately in a pipe end.
Due to high impurity levels and permeability, variable quality and latex allergy issues, pharmaceutical stoppers and seals made using natural rubber act as no more than a physical barrier.
Crime stoppers Talent Awards has been launched where youngsters from schools across Staffordshire are being asked to design or devise an eye-catching way to promote the service.
Pipestoppers Inflatable stoppers are available in 2 to 84 inch sizes, but can be made to special dimensions, shapes and with special materials, as required.
It's called the Epicurean-Presorvac Wine Saver and, with a 6-foot-long cord, 12-volt plug adapter and two wine stoppers, it runs about $60.
But now plastic stoppers and screw tops are challenging the tradition, and the benefits are causing even prestigious vintners and snooty wine reviewers to change their attitude from dismissal to acceptance.