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Our house was a convenient stopping-place for them.
Smooth-it-away pointed to a large, antique edifice, which, he observed, was a tavern of long standing, and had formerly been a noted stopping-place for pilgrims.
There is no intermediate stopping-place, no respectful shelter, where, with the delicacy due to genius and culture, be might secure aid, till, with returning health, he would resume his labors, and his unmortified sense of independence.
We'll now look for a favorable stopping-place," said he.
Just then, however, there seemed to be no stopping-place that would answer their purpose.
And at the other side the groove continued on over the land - a well-disposed, respectable groove that supplied hotels at every stopping-place, and hotels on wheels between the stopping- places.
Boys, with apples, cakes, candy, and rolls of variously tinctured lozenges,--merchandise that reminded Hepzibah of her deserted shop,--appeared at each momentary stopping-place, doing up their business in a hurry, or breaking it short off, lest the market should ravish them away with it.
In the charming city of Brussels--his first stopping-place after leaving Paris--he asked a great many questions about the street-cars, and took extreme satisfaction in the reappearance of this familiar symbol of American civilization; but he was also greatly struck with the beautiful Gothic tower of the Hotel de Ville, and wondered whether it would not be possible to "get up" something like it in San Francisco.
It's early in the day; there won't be much travel afoot yet a while; we an't much more than two miles from our stopping-place.
But the irregularity of occurrence of stopping-places, coupled with widely varying road conditions, made it necessary to plan, the day before, each day's drive and my work.
But all these seemed only his casual stopping-places and ocean-inns, so to speak, not his places of prolonged abode.
The situation of this group of islands, far in the bosom of the vast Pacific, and their abundant fertility, render them important stopping-places on the highway to China, or to the northwest coast of America.