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Experts provide hot tapping and Stopple plugging, pipeline cleaning, integrity inspection, pigging and non-tethered plugging, and pig technology services for any pressurised pipeline system in the world.
STOPPLE ON THE RISE To date, TDW has carried out Stopple Train intervention operations for nearly every major operator in the US.
STOPPLE TRAIN PLUGGING SYSTEM The Stopple Train plugging system is a double-block and bleed patented design that makes it possible to insert two plugging heads through a single fitting.
As a result of using the Stopple Train system, TDW customers reap the benefits of enhanced safety and reduced costs normally associated with fitting, welding, inspection services, scaffolding and crane rental, excavation services, and fewer "hot work" permits.
In October 2010, TDW was retained by KTO to carry out a pilot pipeline pressure isolation operation using Stopple plugging technology.
During the stopple intervention, a TDW technician can be seen steam cleaning the pipe after the defective section of pipe had been cut out and removed
To safely isolate the pressure in the affected line from the section designated for replacement, TDW used a standard model 760 Tapping Machine to hot tap the line, and a standard double Stopple position system with by-pass to plug the line.
SAFETY ENHANCED, COSTS CUT As this was KTO's first experience working with TDW and its Stopple technology, KTO was keen to educate its personnel about the process.
The STOPPLE Train system uses components that have been proven throughout the world in thousands of plugging jobs over many decades," says Greg Puckett, senior project engineer for TDW.
What makes the STOPPLE Train plugging system unique is that it links two plugging heads into a "train" capable of providing a double block and bleed function.
But whereas these other methods typically require more than one hot tap and fitting to achieve double block and bleed, the STOPPLE Train plugging system requires only one.
Designing in a hearty failsafe margin was a priority during development of the STOPPLE Train plugging system.