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In addition to serving as our Middle East hub for inline inspection, the centre also extends our hot tap and plugging equipment maintenance capacity, with sizes up to 36 inches for hot tapping and 24 inches for Stopple plugging operations," he adds.
TDW was retained to use the Stopple Train intervention method for a number of reasons.
The repair plan developed permitted the removal of the pipeline section containing the blockage and the pigging tool well within the stopple tees, thereby stopping the flow of the liquid product before the operation.
STOPPLE INTERVENTION FOR KTO Earlier, TDW announced that it has successfully performed its first pipeline pressure isolation operation using Stopple plugging technology for KazTransOil (KTO).
Limited Tenders are invited for Hot Tapping With Single Stopple For Isom Project
Following completion of the welding phase in June 2010, TDW began preparing for the Stopple plugging operation in August.
A 14-inch line was isolated with the traditional STOPPEE plugging method, while a 24-inch line and a 32-inch line were isolated with TDW's folding STOPPLE plugging technology.
Though it represents an innovative new method to achieve double block and bleed, the patent-pending STOPPLE Train plugging system is based on proven technology developed by TDW in the 1950s as a means to temporarily block sections of active piping systems.
Conversion of the land-based Grouted Tee[R] to SSGT in the JIP was performed on a 24-inch stopple branch off a 24-inch pipeline with ANSI CLASS 900 flange connection for shallow water diver depth operations (i.
Flents Ear Stopples were popular when they first launched, and they remain on the market to this day.
Although its acquisitions expanded Flents' penetration of different categories, the supplier has maintained a solid core business based on its original product, Flents Ear Stopples, introduced in 1927.
Executives maintain that the acquisition will strengthen Apothecary's position in the eye and ear categories, where Flents has been a strong player since its inception in 1927 with its initial product, Flents Ear Stopples.