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When she came close and looked in she beheld indistinct forms racing up and down to the figure of the dance, the silence of their footfalls arising from their being overshoe in "scroff"--that is to say, the powdery residuum from the storage of peat and other products, the stirring of which by their turbulent feet created the nebulosity that involved the scene.
It was in a lodging-house in Mission Street, where he had been called to take a trunk into storage.
Mentally cursing all Lorenzos and storage batteries, he heard his wife moving in the adjoining stateroom and pass out into the main cabin.
Many of our houses, both public and private, with their almost innumerable apartments, their huge halls and their cellars for the storage of wines and other munitions of peace, appear to be extravagantly large for their inhabitants.
In its place was the old, stale odour of mouldy house furniture, of atmosphere in storage.
I stood ready to give Pollyanna the love that had been twenty-five years in storage.
Effectively managing storage involves far more than ensuring enough capacity is available to meet increasing demand.
Traditionally, underground storage is defined as the storage of natural gas in underground reservoirs at a different location from which is was produced.
By delivering data storage capacity as a centralized utility you not only remove the data from the server and centralize it onto a network, but you can eliminate or greatly reduce the number of disk drives directly attached to workflow servers.
RELDATA, provider of a new generation of unified IP SAN/NAS storage gateways, will be a participant in the Emerging Technology Showcase September 27 at 3 p.
The storage requirements for such a dynamic computing environment are demanding.
QuickStart ILM provides tiered storage by intermixing high-performance Fibre Channel (FC) drives and lower-cost mid-tier FC drives in a single enclosure.