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Within a couple of weeks, a dark, dank storage room at the Devonshire Division had been transformed into a warm, colorful, safe kids room for scared children who find themselves in a police station through no fault of their own.
Main features: work of creating a storage room in the multipurpose room Falcoz Jacques - Wholesale work - sealing
To comply, the developer was more than happy to build a laundry facility and a storage room.
The corner of a storage room at the new basketball and racquetball center is quickly filling with boxes and trash bags full of abandoned wares.
What's green, blue, red and gold, the size of your hand, and has more storage room than the world's biggest filing cabinet?
010 building "wohnen 1" 2-storey; ground floor / first floor: living rooms, social rooms, kitchen, storage room, technical room, shower toilet rooms handicapped accessible; pos 02.
on Friday from the storage room of the toys department located on the third floor.
There are times that you would prefer not to open your storage room in view of the dread of seeing messes.
The Storage Room / Garage is located at the rear of the property & has two garage doors with 100 Watts service.
USA], Jul 12 (ANI): An ancient storage room and three stone rows discovered at the Messene Theatre in Greece are singing a different tune on the complex structures that were used 2,000 years ago.
The indicative plans show a four bedroomed detached house with a detached double garage and include: Ground Floor: A kitchen/family room/ dining area, a separate utility room, a medical storage room, a separate lounge, one large bedroom with walk through dressing room and en-suite bath and shower room, a further bedroom for a carer, lift to first floor accommodation.
This fall, doors will open on a new facility in Nevada that will contain a storage room that is both wildfire and earthquake-resistant.