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With traditional DAS or FC-SAN attached disk drives or tape, a file system makes read and write requests via the server to the storage devices using a set of standard SCSI commands.
The TCP/IP packets are then routed very quickly over the Ethernet network, where they are delivered to an iSCSI storage target.
The iSCSI initiator comprises layers that are key to providing multiple data paths between servers and iSCSI storage targets, like those provided by the iSCSI intelligent storage switch.
Bill North, Storage Software Research Director for IDC, said, "Customers today need software that can help them overcome the difficulties of managing storage in a multi-vendor networked environment.
EMC ControlCenter is the industry's only fully integrated networked storage management family.
For storage, we need to proactively evaluate our capacity needs, coordinate multiple management steps among staff, and rely on tools that can automate the whole process.
With our highly experienced, global team of service professionals, Compaq is making it easy and safe for customers to implement a storage area network, guiding them on the entire journey at the pace they require," said Robert Daigneault, Vice President of NonStop(R) eBusiness Infrastructure Services, Compaq Enterprise Solutions and Services Group.
Compaq offers a suite of storage solutions to help customers in large enterprises plan, design, implement, and manage SANs.
capability for its industry-leading RAID storage systems
SPANStor products provide scalable Network Attached Storage capabilities for users who require network access to high performance data storage without complexity," said Ted Goodlander, Chairman and CEO of Storage Computer.