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WAREHOUSE. A place adapted to the reception and storage of goods and merchandise. 9 Shepl. 47.
     2. The act of congress of February 25, 1799, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 565, authorizes the purchase of suitable warehouses, where goods may be unladen and deposited from any vessel which shall be subject to quarantine or other restraint, pursuant to the health laws of any state, at such convenient place or places as the safety of the revenue and the observance of such health laws may require.
     3. And the act of 2d March, 1799, s. 62, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 627, authorizes an importer of goods, instead of, securing the duties to be paid to the United States, to deposit so much of such goods as the collector may in his judgment deem sufficient security for the duties and the charges of safe keeping, for which the importer shall give his own bond; which goods shall be kept by the collector with due care, at the expense and risk of the party on whose account they have been deposited, until the sum specified, in such bond becomes due; when, if such sum shall not be paid, so much of such deposited goods shall be sold at public sale, and the proceeds, charges of safe keeping and sale being deducted, shall be applied to the payment of such sum, rendering the overplus, and the residue of the goods so deposited, if there be any, to the depositor or his representatives.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Take that herd over to the fetish" (the storehouse was in every station called the fetish, perhaps because of the spirit of civilization it contained) "and give them up some of the rubbish you keep there.
Makola showed signs of excitement, and ran out of the storehouse (where he spent all his days) to meet these visitors.
I told those fellows to plant a vegetable garden, build new storehouses and fences, and construct a landing-stage.
And if I could not, of what value was all this vast storehouse of potential civilization and progress to be to the world of my adoption?
But I to wait with patience am inured; My heart hath been a storehouse long of things And sayings laid up, pretending strange events." Thus Mary, pondering oft, and oft to mind Recalling what remarkably had passed Since first her Salutation heard, with thoughts Meekly composed awaited the fulfilling: The while her Son, tracing the desert wild, Sole, but with holiest meditations fed, Into himself descended, and at once All his great work to come before him set-- How to begin, how to accomplish best His end of being on Earth, and mission high.
Like a flash of the cinematograph upon the screen, a picture was flashed before his mind's eye from the storehouse of his memory.
The delicate iridescence of the London air gave the softness of a pastel to the gray stone of the buildings; and in the wharfs and storehouses there was the severity of grace of a Japanese print.
If by chance the supply ever ran short, more was taken from the great storehouses of the Ruler, which were afterward filled up again when there was more of any article than the people needed.
The distiller lived, as he had told him when they first met, on Holborn Hill, where he had great storehouses and drove a large trade.
The chemical storehouse must be shifted to Keraniganj Chemical Palli at the quickest possible time as the incident like Chawkbazar fire could not take place again, he also said.
An Indian vendor was said to have noticed his 40-year-old Ugandan vendor removing an earpiece from its box, hiding it in his pocket and leaving the storehouse where they were doing a stock-count on newly arrived items in December 2015.
The King's Storehouse took to social media to issue a desperate plea for donations after revealing they have been handing out between five and 12 food parcels a day to people who are suffering on the back of the Government's welfare shake-up.