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Take that herd over to the fetish" (the storehouse was in every station called the fetish, perhaps because of the spirit of civilization it contained) "and give them up some of the rubbish you keep there.
Makola showed signs of excitement, and ran out of the storehouse (where he spent all his days) to meet these visitors.
I told those fellows to plant a vegetable garden, build new storehouses and fences, and construct a landing-stage.
And if I could not, of what value was all this vast storehouse of potential civilization and progress to be to the world of my adoption?
But I to wait with patience am inured; My heart hath been a storehouse long of things And sayings laid up, pretending strange events.
Like a flash of the cinematograph upon the screen, a picture was flashed before his mind's eye from the storehouse of his memory.
The delicate iridescence of the London air gave the softness of a pastel to the gray stone of the buildings; and in the wharfs and storehouses there was the severity of grace of a Japanese print.
If by chance the supply ever ran short, more was taken from the great storehouses of the Ruler, which were afterward filled up again when there was more of any article than the people needed.
The distiller lived, as he had told him when they first met, on Holborn Hill, where he had great storehouses and drove a large trade.
Investigations by Tribune online revealed that the grains were discovered in a storehouse somewhere in Tirwun village been rebaged in order to be resold to unsuspecting members of the public.
The Guinness Storehouse, below, welcomed a staggering 1,711,281 guests through its doors in the last 12 months, making it Ireland's No1 visitor attraction.
Earlier this year, The King's Storehouse in Rhyl put out an urgent appeal after high demand wiped out their supplies.