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He had charge of a small clay storehouse with a dried-grass roof, and pretended to keep a correct account of beads, cotton cloth, red kerchiefs, brass wire, and other trade goods it contained.
Take that herd over to the fetish" (the storehouse was in every station called the fetish, perhaps because of the spirit of civilization it contained) "and give them up some of the rubbish you keep there.
Makola showed signs of excitement, and ran out of the storehouse (where he spent all his days) to meet these visitors.
The guests found her sweet and unassuming, laughing, vivacious and a never exhausted storehouse of quaint and interesting jungle lore.
I will take you to the great sights of the Parisians at the storehouse of Rully.
His education progressed; but his greatest finds were in the inexhaustible storehouse of the huge illustrated dictionary, for he learned more through the medium of pictures than text, even after he had grasped the significance of the bugs.
And if I could not, of what value was all this vast storehouse of potential civilization and progress to be to the world of my adoption?
But I to wait with patience am inured; My heart hath been a storehouse long of things And sayings laid up, pretending strange events.
Like a flash of the cinematograph upon the screen, a picture was flashed before his mind's eye from the storehouse of his memory.
After reviewing the invoices of these items at the violating outlets, MEC inspectors were able to identify the true origins of such products, in addition to the outlets that distribute them and the storehouses that pertain to the distributors in Doha and Al Khor.
Other storehouses of archival material destroyed by the current conflict include one in Daraya, a stone's throw from Al Sbeineh, which has also been completely lost by the cycle of violence.
The LDS, or Mormon Church, operates more than 100 of these storehouses across the country, including one in Springfield at South A Street near South 17th Street.