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Islamabad [Pakistan], Jan 2 ( ANI ): Several important documents were burnt after a fire erupted in the storeroom of Pakistan's Ministry of Law and Justice building, which also housed a project office of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), on Tuesday.
The other staffers reached the storeroom to rescue him, they said, and added, however, all the six others also fell unconscious.
And when the Second World War came around, the Nazis used the Louvre as a storeroom for stolen art where the Commander of the Luftwaffe, Hermann G|ring, would choose paintings for his home.
A spokeswoman for West Midlands Fire Service said the fire was in the storeroom at Goldsmiths, but was out on arrival.
Doug Noble cut the ribbon on a new dry goods storeroom mock-up, providing yet another opportunity for prospective division officers to employ a tactile approach to learning our craft.
Dubai: A security guard has been accused of molesting his co-worker and trying to steal a kiss from her while she was stacking stocks inside a storeroom.
What a symbol of the dangerous crisis engulfing our National Health Service when a frail patient's bed is wheeled out of a ward and into a storeroom.
Never-before-seen Doctor Who episodes have turned up in a storeroom in Nigeria more than 40 years after they went missing.
Most importantly, fast-moving and plant-critical parts must always be available in the storeroom to ensure that the engineer who arrives at the stores will be able to find the equipment in stock that he or she needs and quickly access it without wasting valuable time.
A Syrian-run carpet storeroom, a shoe storeroom, and a cargo storeroom run by two Indians were gutted in the fire which started at around 8:30pm.
A THUG who left a shopkeeper in fear in a storeroom as he tried to steal the till was today behind bars.