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A Syrian-run carpet storeroom, a shoe storeroom, and a cargo storeroom run by two Indians were gutted in the fire which started at around 8:30pm.
Frees up valuable floor space -- new lines mean storing spares to meet service and maintenance needs, which puts pressure on storerooms already overstocked with excessive inventory; by utilizing vertical space and high density storage technology, modern vending machines are designed to hold a vast array of products within a highly compact footprint, freeing up manufacturing floor space -- a commodity usually in short supply.
It involved staff being distracted, they took tools to enable them to break into storerooms.
Elen Owen, prosecuting, said on 15 occasions they went to stores with the intention of getting inside storerooms to steal high-value goods.
A CALL for extra safety at a bustling market went out yesterday, just a day after fire gutted a storeroom in the Isa Town suq.
The weaponry storeroom that was recently uncovered is said to be one of the largest identified to date.
Firefighters were called to a storeroom blaze at Blu Bambu in Newcastle's Bigg Market just after midnight.
One mousetrap in a storeroom "appeared to be weighty and may have had a mouse in it" and the rodent had left "greasy smears", Felicia Davy for Westminster Council told the court.
Station Officer Brian Morris, from Brierley Hill Fire Station, said: "The storerooms, which people used to put their bicycles in, were well alight when we got there.
The filthy and overstocked storerooms were discovered by council inspectors carrying out a routine examination.
Then, on the ship we'll put it into storerooms at a certain temperature and humidity and not open that room until we need it.
Fire broke out in the storerooms at Connoisseur Cashmere on Huddersfield Road at 10.