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It was three storeys high, of proportions not vast, though considerable: a gentleman's manor-house, not a nobleman's seat: battlements round the top gave it a picturesque look.
I was now in a wing of the castle further to the right than the rooms I knew and a storey lower down.
On reaching the third storey of the hotel I experienced a shock.
He hesitated no longer; but opened the glazed door at the bottom of the outer stairs and made his way up to the second storey.
Only, as he did not know what storey we live on, he failed to discover me behind my curtain, where I was but half visible.
The compliant manager volunteered to ask some other gentleman, housed on the inferior upper storey (which was lit throughout with gas), to change rooms.
While the schoolmaster was uttering these and other impatient cries, Nicholas had time to observe that the school was a long, cold- looking house, one storey high, with a few straggling out-buildings behind, and a barn and stable adjoining.
I had fortunately taken the right course, however, and succeeded, after a little difficulty, in finding the house to which I had been directed--a coal-shed, with one Storey above it, in the back room of which lay the object of my search.
he could not help asking himself as he reached the fourth storey.
M Hemingway, single storey front extension, |42 Northway, Mirfield.
78% y-o-y (year over year), followed by 2-3 Storey Semi-Detached homes (RM1,670,416) with an increase of 33.
A WEDDING ended in bloodshed when groom Karl Storey glassed a guest who joined them to celebrate.