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We see vivid details close-up rather than at a distance, read prose that is as lucid as it is evocative, and treasure the ironic turns and twists that make the stories anything but predictable.
Many of those publications are now defunct or have stopped printing short stories, poems and essays within their pages.
For the gospel to connect with our congregations, we must move away from thinking that the stories contained within its pages have only ancient significance.
He has become an ill-fated Scheherazade who cannot stop telling stories, and, instead of saving his life, these stories destroy his marriage: "After an hour [of storytelling] I'm usually able to take a shower and have dinner.
However, few works have examined oral stories invented by children.
Co-construction is an opportunity for the client and counselor to collaboratively reveal the client's life stories from past and present experiences.
By making it easier, we would maximize the chance that the stories would be written comprehensively, accurately, with our viewpoint expressed.
The stories of Rose, Grace, and Ruth remind me of the accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke because--like the three synoptic gospels--they resemble one another so much.
Predictably, the most engaging of these three stories is the one Esquire nixed.
Stories mom appropriate to the global vision of the Olympic Games--such as those about other countries, about people whose economic and political hardships we have never faced, about sports we seldom get to watch (like fencing and judo)--were precluded.
But the facts we need--the big picture, the statistical patterns, the relevant general principles, the hard data--are deeply buried in the dramatic stories we crave.