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Experts predicted stormier weather at the heritage site over the next decade will require greater safety measures to be introduced to stop people falling from the cliff.
Newcastle United are in danger of finding themselves in even stormier waters following the sacking of Sir Bobby Robson.
'We need to ask ourselves how will longer, drier summers and shorter, wetter, stormier winters affect farming.'
Mr King said: 'It is pretty clear from the latest scientific evidence that global warming is a trigger which is releasing unstable weather including stormier, wetter winters.
A large resort being constructed in the Caribbean today could find itself in a wetter or stormier climate before it is able to make any mone y.
Greville Edwards, one-time commercial manager and a strident voice during some of the stormier debates, said: "To me, the club was good until the start of the Inland Revenue investigations.
IRELAND was battered by gale force winds and lashed by torrential rain yesterday - and things are only set to get stormier.
IRELAND was battered by 150kph winds and lashed by torrential rain yesterday - and things are set to get stormier.
Some environmental scientists have argued that continued global warming could make Wales warmer, wetter and stormier, then eventually colder.
Storms are getting stormier, droughts drier and the rain wetter.
THE romance between boxing and the public of South Wales has lasted more or less without interruption for 200 years, but the relationship between the sport and our civic fathers has been a much stormier affair.