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For, as Portsmouth readers learned, a stormier Britain is already here.
PORTS operator Mersey Docks has pegged back profit forecasts after saying that economic conditions were stormier than it had expected.
But if they keep their composure for some of the stormier moments they should have the fitness to keep their 100 per cent record in tact.
As I contemplate my annual look ahead to the promising revenue streams that media companies will chase in the coming year, the horizon looks stormier than usual.
This phenomenon has also led to stormier weather conditions over the region, while the reduced glacial melt is likely to have affected the flow of several streams, which could be highly significant for the prosperity of people living in lower altitude river valleys.
Arctic ice loss could lead to harsher winters and stormier weather in Europe because of its impact on Atlantic ocean currents, warn the authors of a new study led by the University of Southampton.
However, there are stormier waters to come with the complex European divorce legislation likely to cause increased tensions from within Tory ranks.
The Duke, however, waded into stormier waters during his visit to Deeside on February, 23 1985.
You may get it but take care as what you think is a bit of a breeze may be a bit stormier than advertised.
After years of smooth sailing, however, the industry could be headed for stormier waters," said Ten-X Chief Economist Peter Muoio.
However, earlier studies have shown that climate change-induced warming is, in fact, making the world stormier.