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Thirdly, trade winds - when they are westerly it is stormier and milder.
It will start to feel much cooler everywhere from tomorrow before a stormier Atlantic weather system sweeps in.
The increase in occupancy and equipment expense is due to a stormier winter during the first three months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, which resulted in an increase of operating costs associated with the maintenance of the Bank's branches.
This bimonthly, quality professional journal, which could easily be taken for granted, began during stormier times.
While the Baltic Sea to the east is normally calm, the far stormier North Sea to the west, driven by Atlantic winds, regularly created great stretches of water that lay inland all winter and into springtime (later in Nolde's lifetime drainage dykes were built to manage its waters).
High pressure systems associated with clear weather are more conducive to ice loss, while stormier weather helps preserve ice, according to Serreze.
LIGHT AND DARK Beac Bistro mixes superb versions of two classic summer cocktails to capture the season's sunshine as well as its stormier moments.
95) Furthermore, as noted in the Subpart 2, above, autocracy is a stormier harbor than democracy over the long term.
The consequences of the dust veil as they can be read through dendochronology strongly imply a pattern of intermittently colder summers and a shorter growing season, colder winters, increased humidity and stormier weather.
The higher the NCA count, the stormier the treatment course.
Christian theologians and ethicists are increasingly responding to a world that is growing hotter, stormier, more crowded, less biodiverse, and has fewer energy resources.
For example, the "Seasons Sips" menu--priced from $7 to $9--featured the Dark and Stormier, made with Skyy Ginger Vodka, Ginger Beer, Cruzan Black Strap Rum and a twist of lime.