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Each story guides us through the different perspectives people can have of situations, in this case the effect of Hardy's uncanny ability, his and Grace's stormily dark relationship and the mysterious and possibly deadly night when he tried to cure a badly crippled friend.
The epistolary tale of "The Three Sisters" begins with a proposal over which Mary, the heroine (if we can call her that), is triumphant, but the engagement proceeds stormily with a constant battle between the principals over pin money, equipage, and so forth.
Indeed, since 1989, when a popular indigenous uprising for freedom erupted stormily all over the Kashmir valley, the India occupiers have shown the ugliest face of the India State to the Kashmiris.
Three of those were made with the late Tammy Wynette, who was stormily married to the singer for six years.
The 33-yearold striker has battled through a series of operations on both knees - and has swept, often stormily, through Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle, Celtic, Blackburn, West Ham, Liverpool (twice) and Manchester City before coming home.