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Still, a suitable, decadal-scale variation in general storminess exists in the region of the Baltic Sea (Fig.
Global chaos will ensue when increasingly violent storminess is combined with sea-level rise of a meter and more.
Zivkovic's approach may be suspect also in regard to "The Wind" for which he gives this synopsis: "peaceful life of a mother and her son--young girl's eyes from which a wind blows--restlessness and storminess of life.
It creates a kind of dream, a soft lyrical impression despite the storminess expressed by the red.
Decadal and century-long storminess changes at long term ecological research sites.
Trends in storminess, hurricane strength, and the ice mass balance in Greenland and Antarctica are hotly contested.
Nunn (2000b) has also suggested that both storminess and precipitation increased after 1300 AD leading to floods, soil erosion, land degradation, and the loss of important nearshore marine fauna across a variety of Pacific Islands.
Hartman also thinks spring has become wetter and cooler, although she said this winter's storminess leads her to believe spring might start early this year.
1996): The Record of Storminess of the Portuguese NW Coast in Newspaper Souces.
The greater storminess enhances mixing and upwelling of ocean waters and increases the rate of release of C[O.
Since Estonia is situated at the prolongation of the North Atlantic storm track (the presence of which stays behind our mild climate), it directly feels the increase of storminess.
Pedro, with his unbearable indiscretion, with his unforgivable absentmindedness, lifts the bottle into the air and, as though pondering his bottle of aged red wine, he places it with the same storminess on top of the cabinet, behind the head of our great and cynical friend.