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The report warns: "In the short term - 2020s - increasing storminess would require increasingly rigorous hazard management, while in the medium term - 2050s-2080s - slope instability and cliff retreat increase.
Some of his intensity and angst and storminess has vanished, perhaps because he is at last free from family constraints and free from the kind of society Phil's family represents.
According to meteorological theory, the shrinking gap between tropical and polar temperatures should have reduced the storminess of the atmosphere, either by weakening storms or decreasing their frequency, says Risbey.
A general pattern of warmer sea-surface temperatures along the entire coast, intensified winter storminess in the Gulf of Alaska, and warmer winter and spring conditions over Alaska appear to be associated with an increased frequency of El Nino conditions in the tropical Pacific.
The post-establishment spread and growth of reed in the Kasari delta after the dredging seems to be affected by a combined effect of mean sea-level variation coupled with storminess (wave-climate), and eutrophication.
Some authors [7,13] even suggest that the increasing storminess (expressed as a statistically significant increasing trend of the number of storm days over the last half-century) and extreme storms in 2001-2005 have already caused extensive erosion and alteration of large sections of depositional coasts in the eastern Baltic Sea.
As Tipping (2010: 69) notes, this shift in rainfall patterns and locally recorded changes in shoreline morphology may be indicative of increased storminess between 4500 and 3500 BC.
Sediments deposited in large river deltas around the world record information about past sea level, productivity and storminess on the ocean margin, climate on the adjacent continents and human factors that affect sediment delivery to the margin, among other things.
Rising sea levels and increased storminess will result in coastal squeeze and loss of intertidal habitats.
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The report warned: "In the short term 2020s increasing storminess would require rigorous hazard management while in the medium term 2050s-2080s cliff retreat will increase.
On the one hand, it is argued in [4] that the apparently increasing storminess in the Baltic Sea has already caused extensive erosion of depositional coasts.