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The cultural myth of judicial activism has story lines other than that of abuse of power.
The premise of Bugtime Adventures is the weaving together of two story lines, one with animated people and one with animated life-like bug characters, to retell a well-known Bible story.
THREE years ago, at the annual press conference where we release the findings of the PDK/Gallup poll, a reporter asked, "What do you see as the story lines in this poll?
I still can't believe how lucky I have been to be trusted with so many fantastic story lines and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute.
But since its 1998 premiere, it has featured story lines portraying contemporary gay life with a wit and depth that at the more overtly gay "Queer as Folk" hasn't achieved.
And with a story line as crude and mysoginistic as that we are supposed to be transfixed for the next few weeks working out which one of them gave her "what she had coming".
They use story lines such as: Bush is a different kind of conservative.
Anyone in the group can step into the story at any time by saying, "Wait, I was there" and carry on with the story line, adding actions as the story goes on.
In each place, the story line explores a mathematics concept or skill, and the lessons in each module extend the story line.
Normality is a new type of 3-D adventure game, with unique characterizations, an entirely new adventure-gaming engine and a zany story line, " said Trish Wright, vice president of marketing for Interplay.
If any of this is correct, then why does Story Line Press, a small independent literary publisher operating out of a barn in Brownsville, make $400,000 a year?