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22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Magisto, the world's most popular video storytelling platform with 70 million users, today introduced the industry's first Narration Algorithm and an Action Camera storytelling feature called Magisto for Windows, a zero touch way of quickly and automatically making incredible, emotionally-rich stories from any action camera video content.
The community garden and the Traditional Arts Team have joined forces to create a family friendly day of storytelling plus arts, music, crafts and dance taking place on Saturday, June 20, from 11am-7pm.
Each speaker has a passion for Welsh culture and their skills in the ancient art of storytelling will be used to recite the exciting tales of each monument.
The unit of inquiry engaged the students in a variety of narrative texts, including traditional stories and fairy tales, developing their vocabulary through poetry and language experiences and enabling them to have access to different mediums of storytelling from visiting authors and artists.
The project became a chance for young people to get involved in the festival by exploring and experiencing storytelling through WORKSHOPs and performances.
Hakaya aims to act as a platform for storytelling in life, education, and the arts: linking organisations throughout the Arab world who share the belief that stories are essential to regional cultural development.
From childhood, individuals are conditioned to respond to and understand problems, aims and other issues, through storytelling.
Dalton is also premiering a new autobiographical storytelling performance April 11-14, in which he talks about his path as a storyteller and performer.
com)-- Storytelling Arts of Indiana is thrilled to announce that Irish Storyteller Clare Murireann Murphy will stop in Indy to perform during her US Tour.
IT was certainly more than 25 years ago that I first came across storytelling as a performance art for adult audiences and like all art, the stories made me think.
STORYTELLING sessions are taking place at Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum.
For education students and experienced teachers, this interesting work on storytelling as a pedagogical tool provides practical instruction on skills and processes for integrating oral learning in the classroom.