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For 10 years, Nell Phoenix has run one of the best storytelling clubs for adults in the UK, StoryNight at the Torriano in North London.
Contributors who have told stories to children with special needs in classroom and library settings discuss storytelling: what, why, how; storytelling strategies for children with emotional or behavioral disabilities, with intellectual or developmental disabilities, with physical disabilities, and with multiple disabilities; and strategies for inclusive classrooms and general audiences.
Youngsters from Rainbows Girl Guides were treated to a reading of their favourite tales as part of the celebrations for National Storytelling Week, which ran from January 27 to February 3.
This year marks the 18th outing for National Storytelling Week and there is a host of events and storytelling sessions for families to enjoy.
Under the name Elves and Daemons -- Tales and Sounds from Ireland, Marina Katsari, David Faure Brac, Christine Giraud, Vaggelis Gettos and Evagoras Bekiaris will put on a unique Irish musical storytelling experience in a venue that is just right to flirt with the imagination.
National Storytelling Week is from January 27 to February 3 but there's stuff happening all the time, as Society for Storytelling northern representative Martin Manasse makes clear in his monthly newsletter.
This text effectively empowers storytellers and emphasizes the need for storytelling in all communities.
Five young storytellers will compete for the title of Storytelling King or Queen on the second day of Inquirer Read-Along Festival on Oct.
What makes digital storytelling different than other received forms of storytelling?
Transmedia storytelling means the creation of stories in a wide variety of formats and genres from writing them on paper to inventing and creating them in many different kinds of virtual and real worlds using various forms of technology.
Ensuite, je presente l'avenement et les particularites du digital storytelling de meme que sa pertinence ethnographique.
If you are in Cairo, Mona Elnamoury urges you to support a Qena storytelling project by attending a new Ping-Pong storytelling nightinZamalek :