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Stoup, Area Measurement of Knife-edge and Cylindrical Apertures Using Ultra-low Force Contact Fibre Probe on a CMM, Metrologia 45, 281-289 (2008).
He and Mr Stoup sipped champagne at London's Heathrow airport on Friday night after being greeted by supporters.
Stoup is done when a spoon stands upright in the pot.
Thanks to Dwight Camper for his tenure as president and the gavel was passed to David Stoup.
SND states that this item also occurs in English dialect, and its etymology is ON stolpe and OSc stoup.
is tricked by the deceiving appeal of the Siren; at times, too, one believes that one is listening to a captive spirit, struggling in the darkness of its masterful box, a box quivering with enchantment, like a devil immersed in a stoup of holy water.
Since that time, this Stoup, with national headquarters in Memphis and regional offices throughout the United States, has assumed full responsibility for all the hospital's fundraising efforts.
The Philadelphia-based Stoup distributed flyers to homeless people announcing the $10,000 giveaway in the spirit of jubilee.
Storm' then tails behind Hilaree Nelson, Rick Armstrong, Doug Stoup and John Griber as their group travels in Sir Ernest Shackleton's footsteps to South Georgia Island, near Antarctica.
Nobody is ever born with a sword, or a machete, or a stoup, or a harpsichord.
First the holy water stoup was not needed, and it was not a holy water stoup anyway.
Our asset-based lending platform continues to be a healthy driver of business," adds Steve Stoup, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.