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Murjanah's bloodstained robe is found and, assuming the stout-hearted lady is dead, the foreign emissaries accuse Sitt Bdour of murder and demand she be put on trial.
So while the rest of the country is desperately stockpiling canned soup and bulk-buying snowmobiles, the stout-hearted people of Surrey simply wrap up warm and head to Lingfield.
Those who deliberately participate in disturbances of this magnitude, causing injury and damage and fear to even the most stout-hearted of citizens, and who individually commit further crimes during the course of the riots, are committing aggravated crimes.
Some stout-hearted legislators in other states quietly watched HB219, and have been encouraged by the relative ease with which the bill wriggled through the process.
Only some stout-hearted defending had kept them in the contest by the halfway mark when they went in 12-6 down, following early tries for flanker Chris Wilson (despite questionable grounding) and No8 Tim Heaton and a conversion from Mike Aspinall as Harrogate threatened to over-run the visitors.
In the meantime, however, there is much of promise here for stout-hearted fans of horror and dark fantasy and visually imaginative readers of all stripes.
The dragon slayer is also the spiritual leader for such stout-hearted groups as the Scouts, archers, knights, horsemen, soldiers, butchers, shepherds, farmers and saddle makers.
Such uncertainty gives pause to the most stout-hearted banker.
Give me some men who are stout-hearted men, Who will fight for the rights they adore.
In the face of such blind fanaticism, it is extraordinary that there are still Somalis stout-hearted enough to try to maintain some semblance of civilized life in this war-ravaged country.
Yet any stout-hearted reader who is willing to "look" with Lambeth at her challenging subject matter will be not just dismayed and saddened but also enlightened.
The stout-hearted Wales lock forward, who starred for Newport, Pontypridd and Newport Gwent Dragons before heading west to the big-spending Ospreys, began his international career 10 years ago.