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Never did the Knights of Arthur's Round Table meet in a stouter fight than did these two.
His voice and hand were both arrested by a roar, or rather a shriek from the beast, that was sufficiently terrific to appal even a stouter heart than that of the naturalist.
You're stouter than you used to be, Haredale, but you look extremely well.
Like washable beaver hats that improve with rain, his nerves were rendered stouter and more vigorous, by showers of tears, which, being tokens of weakness, and so far tacit admissions of his own power, please and exalted him.
She is a trifle stouter, and her cheeks are a lovely rose-pink.
Every one was struck with the appearance of Ulysses, for Minerva had beautified him about the head and shoulders, making him look taller and stouter than he really was, that he might impress the Phaeacians favourably as being a very remarkable man, and might come off well in the many trials of skill to which they would challenge him.
A half-brother to the high-class sprinter Mind Games, but by a stouter stamina influence in Desert P rince, he started favourite, so must have been showing something at home.
That, however, was against a Browns defense that has given up more than 30 points four times this season, and Miami next faces the Patriots and the Giants, two much stouter units.
Ferber's Follies, 17, has produced three stakesplaced offspring, including Corndavon's sister Injaaz, and is now in foal to Tobougg - a cross far stouter than the one that produced Corndavon.
When the pair clashed over three miles on soft ground at Down Royal last month it was Beef Or Salmon who proved the stouter stayer, getting on top approaching the last after Kicking King had jumped faster and travelled more strongly.
The Ospreys folded under the physical pressure of the Castres pack, but Munster are made of altogether stouter stuff.
Bred stouter than a Dallas beer taster, he'll let Star Over The Bay haul them along and then we'll see if Kitten's Joy is more than a big pussy cat.