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It resembles the ulna in Pygochelidon [cyanoleuca] and Notiochelidon [murina] rather than in any species of Tachycineta, Petrochelidon, or Hirundo by this combination of characters: olecranon stouter in lateral aspect; cotyla dorsalis with greater overhang of corpus ulnae; and tuberculum carpale more tapered (less squared) in dorsal or ventral aspects.
The Stouter Old Fashioned mixes oloroso sherry and a healthy dose of Angostura bitters with a Bourbon barrel-aged stout.
My Mongoose XT did come from the factory set to an ultra-hot trigger pull, but it was easily adjustable to a slightly stouter setting for my fumbling fingers.
Two of the new Capitol horses are brown Standardbreds, and the other, Agent, a female, is a shorter, stouter Percheron.
Stout Gold: Cairngorm - Black Gold; Silver: Ascot Ales - Anastasia's Exile Stout (Surrey); Bronze: Marble - Stouter Stout (Greater Manchester).
Some of these advances are attributable to nitrogen-rich fertilizers but also to the development of high-yielding dwarf wheat, with a large head and shorter, stouter straw, sturdy enough to support the extra weight without buckling.
Perhaps their placement further from the ground and in line with the southeasterly winds required somewhat stouter construction.
Short, thin Gammaproteobacteria appear red, and longer, stouter Epsilonproteobacteria appear green.
tiliae by the aedeagal shaft being much stouter than in the latter, dorsal connectives not projecting beyond caudal margin of pygofer and directed ventrally (directed dorsally in P.
I'd noticed that this dish was of such generous size that it had defeated several hearty souls sitting nearby, but my wife is made of stouter stuff and demolished her plate - or, rather, platter - with great enthusiasm.
Legs brown, first pair darker, stouter and longer than others.
South Africa, as the minnow in a pond of big fish, used the occasion to learn, to build stouter bridges, to tackle troublesome trade issues--especially those involving dumping and imbalance--and to muster support for a Brics development bank "to lessen dependence on the World Bank and the IMF".