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Then seven sponsors shall we have," quoth Will Stutely, and hunting among all the band, he chose the seven stoutest men of them all.
Yet the long journey and the accumulated terrors had shaken the hearts of the stoutest among them.
To this indictment, Christopher Nubbles, in a low and trembling voice, pleaded Not Guilty; and here, let those who are in the habit of forming hasty judgments from appearances, and who would have had Christopher, if innocent, speak out very strong and loud, observe, that confinement and anxiety will subdue the stoutest hearts; and that to one who has been close shut up, though it be only for ten or eleven days, seeing but stone walls and a very few stony faces, the sudden entrance into a great hall filled with life, is a rather disconcerting and startling circumstance.
It wasn't as subtle in recoil as the softest 9mm, but it wasn't any harsher than the stoutest 9mm, either.
Our long gone correspondent also refers to a "Mr Tim Donovan, of Maid of Killarney fame" and his wife who was "truly and justly accorded the stoutest and heaviest woman in Cardiff or for miles around".
It wasn't the best use of his time, if I may self-deprecate, but he endured my gab graciously as I tried to out-liberal the stoutest liberal in Congress.
The strong gallop Sweet Dream will set should see the race pan out ideally for the tip as she looks one of the stoutest stayers in the race.
Hornady's Critical Defense produced the stoutest recoil, with a heavy slug at over 1,100 fps.
FOXBORO -- After years of fielding a defense that generally bent and frequently broke at the most inopportune of moments, the Patriots entered the playoffs this season with their stoutest and stiffest unit in a decade.
This is "the peculiar energy which gives tension to movement and stiffness to resistance, which makes the fiercest lightning forked rather than curved and the stoutest oak-branch angular, rather than bending" (Cook and Wadderburn, 1903: vol.
brasiliensis and much-more slender and delicate than in the long, narrow-winged molossids in which the third metacarpal is the stoutest metacarpal.