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A short but stocky man, he has passed on his stoutness to his sons, all three of whom are boxing champions like their father.
IT looked like being a frustrating evening for Chelsea even with 11 men, such was the stoutness of Villa's defending.
That is a big statement to make from a South Wales derby, I accept, but Swansea won the 50-50 battles, Swansea reacted quickest to get to loose balls first, Swansea displayed defensive stoutness and resilience, whereas Cardiff creaked and caved in during an abject second half display.
The truth is that when the country passed under our rule the Musalmans were the superior race, and superior not only in the stoutness of heart and strength of arm, but in power of political organization, and in the science of practical government.
I always related to him, not so much because I had a particular interest in model armed forces, but because I shared his tendency to stoutness.
Dressed always in full clerical attire, his vest buttoned to the throat, a white cravat, that reminded you that perhaps there had been a time when it was immaculate, but that time was in the grim and dizzy long ago; a shining black hat, sleek in spots, looking for all the world as if it had been treated with beeswax and tallow; black trousers, ornamented with tobacco juice and bulging slightly at the knees; rattling grey and white celluloid cuffs and collar; smoothly shaven saddle colored face, large gray eyes; of medium height, inclined to stoutness and a self-conscious, self-important air.
Blues' defensive stoutness, particularly in the second-half, was the key to this triumph.
And the Bluebirds' stoutness was to get its reward in a two-minute goal blitz.
Because of its stoutness and giant ridge, the moon looks like an oversized walnut.
But he also believes the intrinsic stoutness of the system, and the strength of its regional structures had proved over the years that the capacity to deal with the problem existed.
Percival's apparent feebleness in command in Malaya was in sharp contrast to his stoutness in captivity.