stow away

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A few years ago, researchers made the converse discovery: A child's cells can stow away in a mother for decades after pregnancy (SN: 2/10/96, p.
But experts say it is unusual for a child so young to stow away alone.
Inside there are improved versions of the stow and go seats that are more comfortable yet still stow away flat into the floor.
A STOW AWAY moggy took a 100- mile trip around Merseyside after taking a catnap in a removals van.
FOLDING MESH CUBES: Stow away your sweaters or shoes with these smart, folding mesh cubes.
Five Indian nationals have been detained after allegedly attempting to stow away on a Bangladeshi passenger aircraft.
French police and firefighters searched the area and found no trace of the two men who had made the desperate bid to stow away, said a Eurotunnel spokeswoman.