stow away

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A few years ago, researchers made the converse discovery: A child's cells can stow away in a mother for decades after pregnancy (SN: 2/10/96, p.
But experts say it is unusual for a child so young to stow away alone.
A reservoir lid with tip storage, to keep the reservoir clean and to neatly stow away extra tips
Inside there are improved versions of the stow and go seats that are more comfortable yet still stow away flat into the floor.
A STOW AWAY moggy took a 100- mile trip around Merseyside after taking a catnap in a removals van.
FOLDING MESH CUBES: Stow away your sweaters or shoes with these smart, folding mesh cubes.
Five Indian nationals have been detained after allegedly attempting to stow away on a Bangladeshi passenger aircraft.
French police and firefighters searched the area and found no trace of the two men who had made the desperate bid to stow away, said a Eurotunnel spokeswoman.