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The stowable waistbelt has a detachable, padded rangefinder pocket for quick, quiet access.
Its regular seating features a six-seat layout over three rows, with a flexible stowable seventh seat ( in the middle of the second row ( which can easily be folded into position when needed.
Comfort for the passenger is also excellent thanks to the wide pillion seat, stowable pillion foot-rests and large luggage rack/grab handle NE for the diary: For 2006 the National Rally, which this column has plugged shamelessly on the grounds it's such good fun, will be changing its name to the National Road Rally and run on the weekend of July 1-2, be finishing at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.
It is a six-seater with a stowable seventh seat and is decent enough in the looks department.
There are articles on parkas, pie crusts, stowable furniture, hair conditioners, eyebrow grooming, indoor fitness routines, and the truth about germs (shut the toilet top; one flush propels bacteria 20 feet all around).
Celstran is also being used to mold a stowable folding roof frame system for the Citroen C3 Pluriel, providing weight savings and reduction of assembly costs.
Plus it's easily stowable in the smallest of make-up bags.
With Acupoint Detection sensors, an extendable vibrating foot and calf massager, stowable arm and thigh massage sleeves and a 3D remote control, this patented Robotic Massage System eases away tension and fatigue as it emulates the same techniques used by massage professionals.
Highlighting its exotic monocoque is a carbon fiber windshield frame, which promotes strength and lightness, while providing the attachment points for the removable, stowable cloth roof, or available exposed carbon fiber hardtop (late availability).
Lexus was keen for the IS 250 C to replicate the impressive ride quality and composure on which Lexus has built its house down the years and to achieve this in a car with a stowable roof, the engineers had their work cut out.
The model features a 12-speaker audio system, satellite navigation, external HDMI input, rear-seat entertainment with split-screen capability, a 'cool box' in the lower centre stack, a stowable third row, and a removable first row centre console.
Its regular seating features a six-seat layout over three rows with a flexible stowable seventh seat in the middle of the second row, which can be folded into position when needed.