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The FAA notes that the rate may be lower, because people could have stowed away and fallen out of the wheel well without anyone knowing.
Mechanic Nigel Rowlands and (above) the rabbit he found under the bonnet Joan Cummins thinks the rabbit may have stowed away after being chased by her dogs
It starts when the next-door neighbor, Baby, pops up in the backseat, having stowed away there in hopes of sharing in the folly of a car ride with a pig.
A cat which stowed away in the bumper of a van for several motorway journeys is to be microchipped in case she absconds again, her owner said last night.
Founded in the mid 1850s, Clarksville Foundry and Machine Works, Clarksville, Tenn., had an array of vintage wood patterns stowed away in its warehouse, out of sight and collecting dust.
A tabby cat named Emily who stowed away on a flight to France from the US two months ago is to return home with Continental Airlines.
In addition, there's a steeply-angled windscreen which can be removed and stowed away under the front bonnet.
Provence is famous for its olives, and the following recipe incorporates both the succulent provincial fruit and a generous quantity of onions, which, if you are lucky, you have just stowed away to dry in your shed.
(Captive breeding efforts are underway, but only two 'alalas remain in the wild.) Gassman, who leads birding tours, says that Hawaii's native species fell victim to many predators, beginning with the rats that stowed away in canoes with early Polynesian settlers.
The team made remarkable progress, recovering hundreds of priceless pieces and discovering many artifacts were not looted, but stowed away elsewhere.
The Fontana di Piaggio, 1993--a fountain stowed away in the back of a three-wheeled van--was there, bubbling away merrily outdoors.
All courtesy of the $712,000 he stowed away on the night of the robbery.