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I was amused to notice that he stowed away the used matches most carefully in a little china pot.
Three or four lumbering wagons, each with a pile of goods beneath its ample canopy, about the height of the second-floor window of an ordinary house, were stowed away beneath a lofty roof which extended over one end of the yard; and another, which was probably to commence its journey that morning, was drawn out into the open space.
You'll be surprised how those girls are stowed away.
The sham chaplain came into our cells to exhort us, carrying a black bag, supposed to be full of tracts, and so often did he come that by the third day we had each stowed away at the foot of our beds a file, a brace of pistols, a pound of powder, and twenty slugs.
Brown ale lies ripening in the cellar, hams and bacon hang in the smoke-shed, and crabs are stowed away in the straw for roasting in the wintertime, when the north wind piles the snow in drifts around the gables and the fire crackles warm upon the hearth.
The two dead Germans were buried in a single grave, and then the party boarded the submarine and stowed away the oil.
One of the richest land-owners might possibly accumulate, in a long industrious life, as much as 1000 pounds sterling; but should this happen, it would all be stowed away in some secret corner, for it is the custom of almost every family to have a jar or treasure-chest buried in the ground.
All luggage was carefully stowed away inside the coach and in the front and hind boots, so that not a hat-box was visible outside.
Don't talk about Venice to our Doge," put in the fiddle, "or you will start him off, and he has stowed away a couple of bottles as it is-- has the prince
We have no way of telling whether this was a result of a deliberate act or because of poisonous substances not being safely stowed away, but what is concerning is the number of birds found dead.
EIGHTEEN people who are believed to have entered the UK illegally were found by police stowed away in a lorry after a member of the public reported seeing suspicious activity in the vehicle.
We have a guy claiming to have stowed away in the landing gear from San Jose to Maui," the pilot said on the tape.