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SIXTY illegal immigrants got into the UK after stowing away in a Channel Tunnel freight train.
The gecko - just two inches long - somehow survived a 17-day, 6000-mile trip after stowing away in a box of clothes hangers.
A man has been detained after stowing away on a chartered aircraft for reporters covering US President George W.
It follows a claim by British rail freight operator EWS, that France is in breach of EC treaty obligations on the free movement of goods by not preventing people from stowing away on freight trains.
SIXTY illegal immigrants got into Britain by stowing away on a Channel Tunnel freight train.
The 23-year-old from Mali spent about eight hours in the cargo hold after allegedly stowing away on the Yak-42 aircraft at an airport in Mauritania.
THE increasing numbers of illegal immigrants seeking to gain entry to the UK by stowing away on lorries, freight trains or via the Channel Tunnel, are a major problem for the transport industry.
TWO Cuban boys died after stowing away on the wrong jet, an inquest heard yesterday.
Both victims were thought to have been stowing away in the undercarriage and wheel casings of the planes.