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A 20-year-old Romanian national was arrested for stowing away on an aircraft, contrary to Article 143 and 241(6) of and Part B of Schedule 13 to the Air Navigation Order 2009.
A kitten survived 17 days without food or water after stowing away in a lorry travelling from Israel.
Migrants have been asphyxiated by pesticides after stowing away on produce cars; some are hit by cars trying to cross border highways.
He decided to come to the United States and, stowing away on a ship, ended up in Hoboken, N.
That makes the camera no thicker than a deck of playing cards, an ideal size for stowing away in a shirt pocket or clutch purse.
There have been several incidents of people stowing away in wheel wells, usually ending in death from extreme cold or falling out.
The man has pleaded guilty to stowing away on a cargo jet, a misdemeanour which carries a possible punishment of up to a year in prison and a fine of up to USD100,000.
5 million by stowing away in the hold of a British Airways plane.
SIXTY illegal immigrants got into the UK after stowing away in a Channel Tunnel freight train.
But this is the first time they have found evidence of people stowing away among the tiles.