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It will no doubt send readers scurrying back to Stows novels, which, as Marr once said, is the best news a biographer can hear.
Suzanne Falkiner's prodigious biography of Randolph Stow is a book long awaited by many; not just the literati of his native Australia but those countless readers who feasted on his novels and wondered what kind of person could write with such imaginative power.
Actions that compromise the safety of the products or the overall strength of the stow can occur at many times during the shipping process.
It's a matter of time and money." Regulations require that each ship have a cargo security manual designed for it to help determine the load and stow for each voyage.
The court was told the Stows will appeal against conviction on the grounds that judges refused to take into consideration a marine expert's report stating the Baltic was not powerful enough to tow such a heavy load.
The Stows' boat, the Baltic, a 70ft trawler converted to a diving vessel, was searched several times on arrival in Faro harbour three years ago.
Kenneth Stow. (Studia Post-Biblica, volume 48:1 and 2.) Leiden and New York: E.
The Portuguese authorities said the Stows had dragged the drugs in to the harbour.